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If you want to place an order,  thank you very much. Please don't order from a "third party vendor"; the ones listed just below the Amazon Prime listing. We are a trio of 70 somethings pooling our time and talents. We spend months creating each book. Our share of the $7.95 retail price is $2.72. The third party vendors can claim part of that for virtually no effort on their part.  It's not right that predators can highjack our royalties just because they have an app that tracks new releases on Amazon and then adds their own bait to our ads. These books are printed on demand. They order from the same publisher that would you order from, but they pay wholesale. Our share from those sales is much smaller.

These three books have been improved. They have been brightened and details have been sharpened.       Mansfield Park is our latest and didn't need those changes.

The price per book is $7.95. Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.