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‚ÄčThe New Oxford American Dictionary says "A Colorist is a person who tints black and white...photographs."

Our books were inspired by the penguin dance scene in the movie Mary Poppins. The people and animals are cartoons.  However, the backgrounds in our books are made up of bits and pieces of thousands of photos.

A flowering bush is not just one photo. It is made up of dozens of photos of leaves with dozens of photos of flowers. Every page is like that, and for every page loaded with intricate details there is another page with broad swaths of color. We have chosen to illustrate Jane Austen's books because we love her books and they are set in Regency England, a visually gorgeous time and place. Every man-made object or setting has been researched to make sure it was in use at that time. Every page has been test colorized by a piano teacher who never did any artwork before she colored her first book at age 70. She says "Relax and enjoy it!" If she can do it, you can do it.

You can download five free sample pages to see if you like the results.

Questions? Go to that book page and find the thumbnail of the page you're interested in. Click on it and you will get an enlarged colored version of that page. It should answer any questions you have.   

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Colorizing wallpaper, brick walls, flower beds, persian rugs or cobblestones is no different than coloring designs made up of hundreds of little blank spaces. The real difference is the end results. Theirs are designs made up of hundreds of little colored spaces. Ours are realistic paintings. We offer both  grand and humble interiors, beautiful landscapes, quaint villages, city streets, formal gardens and ancient ruins.

If you immerse yourself in these books they will take more time than the usual coloring books, and therefore be more of a bargain than those books. You will also be proud to sign and show them off. 


No more of the "paint by numbers" look for coloring books!

"You have cool coloring books. They engage the artistic skills of the adult beautifully. Much success to you."  

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